Migration lawyers in Seattle

In order to be granted asylum in the United States, refugees need to prove that they're indeed refugees and not just economic immigrants. Unlike immigrants who willingly choose to come to a particular country, refugees are persons who are forced to flee to another country as a result of violence or terror in their own country.



As a refugee, you're best off when you're given asylum. An asylum not only rids you of the overwhelming fear of being sent back to the danger you fled, it also makes your life better than when you're confined someone in a migrants camp. It can mean new hopes, new dreams, and most importantly new beginnings away from the terrors which threatened you before.



With exception to children, the US can only grant you asylum if it can be proven beyond doubt that you're indeed a genuine refugee. A valid refugee is anyone who has been forced out of their own country by factors which immediately threaten their lives. You must be able to prove that should you go back to your right that very moment, you will be directly in harm's way.



Even though a significant section of US migrants are usually genuine refugees, many have had to bear with being deported back and suchlike. You can avoid such eventualities if you find an excellent immigration lawyer to represent you. Immigration lawyers such as Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC in Renton, have helped thousands of refugees find asylum. You can try them out should you need legal assistance.

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