Family Lawyer in Sacramento

The basic principle of the provision of the Family Lawyer service is based on partnerships that are being built on the basis of a previously drawn up and signed agreement. As a rule, the principal, by prior arrangement, makes a basic payment, which allows him and all members of his family to seek the help of a lawyer, entrust him with the execution of certain tasks that are related to his professional activities and call him at any time in the event of a critical situation requiring legal support.


If you compare the payment of one-time services and the conclusion of an agreement on the provision of services by a lawyer for the family, the benefit will become apparent. In most cases. After signing the agreement, the principal receives a discount from 10% to 40% when compared with a one-time payment for services. The size of the family lawyer's fee is determined after agreement by the parties and may directly depend on the composition of the family and the number of people who use legal services. Since a long-term partnership relationship is established between the client and his lawyer, the Sacramento family lawyer.


He does not have the right to expect remuneration for one-time work. The principal may have full confidence that the lawyer will not undertake for the sake of an additional fee for the conduct of the case, the success of which is doubtful. For more information visit The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates the family law firm located in Sacramento, California

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