Family Law Firm in Salt Lake City

When people think of family law their mind tends to jump to divorce, but family law covers much more than that. Smoak Law, P.C. a family law firm in Salt Lake City handles are vast variety of family law cases.


Their Salt Lake City family lawyers are to assist you in cases of spousal support or alimony. The difficult balance of how much an ex-spouse owes the other based on work ability, how long they’ve been together and other factors as well. Child support and child custody cases, where the courts have to decide which parent gets a majority of the custody and who owes who money to help support the child. Those are other cases that are handled by Salt Lake City family lawyers.


Divorce is under the family law umbrella, but there are also many kinds of divorces. There are Jewish divorces, military divorces, and even collaborative divorces. Family law is more complex than most people realize which is why it is important to hire a competent lawyer to be there through your case with you.

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