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A Criminal Law Attorney from Washington D.C.

When you are charged with a crime it does not matter how minor the crime is, you are going to need a lawyer. Having a Washington D.C. criminal law attorney on your case could be the thing that saves you. Every criminal charge is a serious charge, it could go on your permanent record, it could make it so you can’t get a job, and other areas of your life that would be detrimental. Having a lawyer is what will help you get the lesser penalties. If you were accused, charged, or convicted of a drug crime, gun crime, DUI, white collar crime, or sex crime you need to contact a lawyer.


 Lotze Mosley LLP are a criminal law firm based in Washington D.C. who can help you no matter the case. Minor or major criminal charge they will fight for you. They will do what they have to in order to protect your rights. They have two highly skilled criminal lawyers on their team. Both having tried over a hundred of criminal law cases. They have the much needed experience in order to take a criminal charge to court. Do not hesitate, you are almost guaranteed to be unsuccessful in your case if you do not have a lawyer.