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Personal Injury Lawyer from Houston

While we go through life trying to do as much as we want to while still being careful, accidents still happen. And when accidents still happen injuries then happen. When an injury happens people have to get medical attention and that medical attention does not come cheap. So how do the people of Houston pay for these injuries that happened to them because of accidents caused by other people? They hire a legal professional. A lawyer how focuses their career on personal injuries. You hire a Houston personal injury lawyer to help you get the money you need in order to recover from all those medical bills.


Charles J. Argento & Associates are a personal injury law firm in Houston who have a vast knowledge in personal injury cases. This is a law firm who has been practicing personal injury law for over three decades. They have helped people with various different types of personal injury cases such as; auto accidents, truck accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, premises liability, defective products, and even motorcycle accident cases. They have helped those who were injured in those types of accidents get the money they needed to get better. They are a law firm who you know will give it their all.

A Los Angeles Theft Attorney for Hire

There may come a time when you are charged or accused of a theft crime. In that instance you may have no idea what to do, how to handle it or who to call. You can hire Kosnett Law Firm a criminal law firm in Los Angeles to help you fight your theft case. A theft crime is defined by someone taking someone else’s property with the intentional act of doing so. Penalties for these crimes could be as little as some community service, a restraining order, or even some jail time. Be considerate to your future and hire a lawyer to help you sort out this situation.

If you were accused of theft, hire Kosnett Law Firm a criminal defense law firm in Los Angeles. This is a law firm you can count on. They want to do whatever they possible can to help you. They understand people make mistakes both in committing the crimes and accusing people of the crimes. You can get the help you need from the skilled Los Angeles theft attorneys. They know what charges you will be up against. They know how to get those penalties down, and they know how to best protect your future. A theft crime goes under the same category as burglary, property, and robbery crimes. Though each one is considered to be a little different they all fall under the same umbrella and your attorney will be able to handle all of them.

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An Ontario Consumer Protection Lawyer


There are many scammers out there these days. Trying to get your money by creating fake products, getting you to give them your personal information, and things of this nature. Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP are a labor and employment law firm in Ontario, California, who want to help those with consumer protection. What is consumer protection? Well it is getting people justice for when false advertising, robot calls and spam calls, unfair bank practices, billing fraud, or unfair debt collection happens and it harms someone. More often than not a consumer protection case can be made into a class action case in Ontario. Class actions are when things affect a lot more people and they all come into it together for a lawsuit.


If you feel like you need some assistance in some consumer protection case your best asset would be a lawyer. Hire the labor and employment law firm of Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP located in Ontario. They take a unique approach to each case. Treating each case as if it is their first case and they have something to prove, but with the knowledge and experience they have still present. Their Ontario consumer protection lawyers will be there with you through the entire process. To ensure that you are getting the best legal representation.