A Spousal Support Lawyer in Los Angeles

How is spousal support determined in Los Angeles, California?


In Los Angeles County, the law requires that spousal support orders be made on behalf of either spouse. The amount and duration of spousal support is determined based on consideration of several factors established by the California Family Code. These include:


• The earning capacity of each spouse

• The length of the marriage

• The contributions each spouse made to the marriage

• The age and health of each spouse

• Whether either of the spouses entered into a guest-worker arrangement during the marriage

• Tax implications

• Any other factors that could affect the economic standard of living in each household.


In California, there is no hard-and-fast rule for determining spousal support. Each case must be evaluated based on the relevant factors and an experienced attorney can provide legal advice to guide you through the process. A Los Angeles spousal support attorney can help identify potential issues, evaluate evidence, and make arguments in pursuit of a fair outcome. They will also help ensure that the order is properly spelled out in the divorce settlement. With a knowledgeable attorney on your side, you can maximize your chances of obtaining fair and reasonable spousal support. The team at Land Legal Group, a family law firm in Los Angeles has the experience necessary to navigate the complexities of California law and come up with creative solutions tailored to each unique situation.


By understanding the relevant factors and recognizing how they can affect the outcome, a Los Angeles spousal support attorney can provide valuable guidance on navigating the process and obtaining an equitable ruling.

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